Fiji Weather – JANUARY

Fiji Weather in January

Fiji in January is hot, steamy and humid! There’s no saying otherwise. January weather equals very hot and humid days with a slow build up of rain in the afternoons. But hey – we love it! You’ll find the rain is a welcome change from the heat of the day. In most of the 4 and 5 star resorts that have air conditioning and huge lagoon pools you’ll always keep your cool no matter how hot it gets. Generally, in the Mamanuca and Yasawa islands the weather is much drier with these islands receiving the least amount of rainfall in comparision to the mainland. Beautiful South Pacific breezes keep you cool as do the cocktails at sunset.

To compare yearly weather temperatures you can take a look at Fiji’s past January weather in 2010. Refer to the table image below. Note the precipitation amounts for Jan in 2010 – there seemed to be quite a few dry days regardless of the normal forecast.

Past Fiji Weather Statistics – January 2010

Fiji Weather JANUARY 2010 - Daily Weather Statistics

Weather in Fiji in JANUARY 2010 - Daily Weather Statistics

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